About Us

 A chef at the frontier of culinary innovation, true to his style, Chef Jose Mendín, once again is bringing two cultures together to create a distinctive and delectable interpretation of the “Bao” bun.  Baja Bao is a street-food concept developed by Chef Mendín and the Food Comma Group and it is Chef Mendin’s new take on the fusion of Latin food and its influence in the World food scene. 

Our traditional bao buns will be filled with the best of Latin American flavors, from Mexico to Colombia to Argentina to Venezuela. Think: lechón asado, chicken mole, carnitas and camarones al pastor.  There’s even a spin of the “poke bowl” that is made with guacamole and an assortment of tostadas. The style of dishes quickly let the Baja Bao concept flourish into a street food style venue.

The idea was to do something mobile and collaborative that could be part of festivals, events, breweries etc in and around Miami, hence the creation of our 30-foot trailer. We’ll soon be parked at the Veza Sur Brewing Co location in Wynwood. In addition, we opened our doors in the American Airlines Arena on July 7, 2017, leaving much anticipation for its second opening later this summer in the art-filled neighborhood of Wynwood in Miami.